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I see the Snowflakes who screamed at the sky on Nov 6 are offemded at beomg called Snowflales/ Tough Shyt Or what

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Of course they are.

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The biggest snowflakes are those who voted for Trump. They are unable to take the criticism of him that they happily handed out on a daily basis to Obama, often with racist connotations. There are at least half a dozen racist right wing fascist Trump supporters who post vile racist questions on this forum but they are so afraid of criticism that they block anyone who disagrees with their far right views. How much more of a snowflake could you possibly get than that? Cowards and so delicate are their feelings they block anyone from answering they find too hurtful. Geeeez.

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I have been here for years and been called all sorts of horrific names, and yet I stay here. Why? Hint: I am not offended. I get stronger by hearing criticism and name calling.

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Cons are by far the true snowflakes. And you just helped prove it by bringing up something so old and irrelevant.


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