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Did atheists see themselves as honorary Protestants at one time

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This guy says: "Ever since Victorian times, atheists and agnostics had thought of themselves as honorary Protestants. Atheists saw a common ally when Protestants attacked the Catholic Church. Many Atheists took up arms with the Protestants.. John Stuart Mill, for example, recalled his atheist father urging him ‘to take the strongest interest in the Reformation, as the great and decisive contest against priestly tyranny for liberty of thought’. Later in the century Thomas Henry Huxley, inventor of ‘agnosticism’ and preacher of evolution, said his agenda was rooted in ‘that conviction of the supremacy of private judgment…which is the foundation of the Protestant Reformation." So he said Atheists in a way joined forces with Protestants to overthrow the Catholic Church. Atheist and Protestant was almost at one time indistinguishable


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No, I used to be a Protestant when I was a Christian. Atheism is quite different.


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