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Why won t my Blower/heater/ac in my car work

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I have a 1984 Chevy caprice classic, 305 carbureted engine. It used to have great heat, and a fan in place of air condition because the compressor was froze up. The first time it stopped working it was a fuse, after replacing the fuse it worked great all through the spring and part of summer before it stopped working again. I have checked the fuse it is fine, I have replaced the blower motor, resistor, and control switch inside the car. I also replaced the relay for it that sits underneath the blower motor. I am so lost as to why it won t even move air through the vents. When I am driving with the vent on you can feel slight air movement. But it s not from the system it s from outside I would assume. Any seggustions on where to look or what to replace next would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance winter will be a lot better with some heat


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You are replacing parts but not checking if there is power and/or ground on the circuit. Get a multimeter or test light and start checking for power and ground. Start first at the fuse. Check if it is "hot" or has power. Check for power and ground at the blower motor terminals with the switch on. Check for incoming and outgoing power at the resistor module. Check for incoming and outgoing power at the controller. Remember to check for power and ground when the circuit is "loaded", with the switch on. Find the failed part in the circuit, not simply replacing parts and hoping to get lucky.


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