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Diseal engine cranks but doesnt turn over

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It will start and run if you spray some ether, but i am trying to figure out why it wont start alone? If it starts with either, that means that the engines starter system is good and possibly the fuel getting to the engine is good since when its running it doesnt shut off? Could it be that its bad blow plugs? the exhaust is also rusted bad with holes in it, i dont know of thatll play a part in the cylinders not getting enough compresion to ignite the fuel. thanks


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I had the same trouble with mine not wanting to start in this cold weather. I think it will probably be the glow plugs that need replacing but I am no mechanic. Someone may have a better answer

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A vehicle make and model would be helpful. Replace the fuel filter. No joy, get the codes read.

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Glow plugs is certainly the place to start looking. Sounds favourite.


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