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If you have something draining your car battery, does it just require charging

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I just got a brand new car battery about a month and a half ago. Duralast Gold for 2007 Honda Accord, 2.4L (4 cylinder). I also have 250W amp with subwoofers (MTX Terminator set). They never gave my battery a problem this early on. The amp is brand new as well. I realized yesterday that my car now hesitates to crank. (I will be getting checked when they open) I know it’s cold and it may take a little extra to crank but not as long as it’s taking. My spark plugs are also new. Maybe about only a year old. Another question, if my audio system is draining the battery would that just require it to be charged and not completely replaced? I need all mechanic opinions thanks.


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Get the battery load tested. They will tell you if it is toast or not. You can only charge it so many times then it will die. That amp is killing it.


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