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What’s wrong with me

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I feel like I’m always mad. If i’m home and one of my family members tries to talk to me, majority of the time i get really frustrated and annoyed and end up being really mean or rude and starting a fight. i always try to tell myself to calm down because they i know that they didn’t do anything wrong, but i can’t help it. afterwards or even while i’m being like this towards them i’ll feel extremely guilty. once i actually get alone i’ll start breaking down and crying because i don’t like the way i am and i’ll start beating myself up over it and everything else that i feel like is wrong with me. sometimes i’ll just feel sad and like i need to cry, even though there’s really no reason to. i just don’t know why i’m like this and if anybody is the same way and how i can change it.


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Maybe something is bothering you emotionally, or you might have something mentally. I would see a doctor for this

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youre sensitive. thats all it is.

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It seems you have some anger issues? What you need to find is is why. Seeing a counselor for talk therapy would be very helpful for you

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Teen, needs a cause, needs to be able to find a constructive outlet that makes them feel like they are accomplishing something. Sports, clubs, activities, ect.. how many do you belong to?


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