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Today I learned that sometimes life just sucks for you and the person who made it suck doesn’t have to suffer. Sometimes you just gotta take the humongous L. I gave my love, my heart to a guy. I found out he’s been cheating for two months. He says he loves us both and is confused. So I told him to cut her off and he said he did, he didn’t. We had been going back and forth between him just wanting to be friends and him telling him he loves me and wanted to marry me. Well... tonight is when I find out he didn’t cut her off. He’s choosing her but he keeps asking to be friends saying how he still loves me. Kinda sucks too cause I been kinda depressed for a bit and I’m really fighting it now. And to make it worse, she’s better looking tbh. So he,cheats, chooses the better looking chick and wants to be friends w me cause supposedly he still “loves” me. There is no good in this for me. Only for him and he’s the one who tore me apart. He was my only friend, all the others moved away or are about to. I’m not good at social things. I really did give him my whole heart and he used the love I gave to him and gave it to another woman. Funny, I thought I’d be moved in with him on the next couple months and married a few months after that. Fascinating how a person can make you love that hard and have no problem hurting you so bad. I’m hurt, I’m truly hurt and there’s nothing I can do about it but wait.



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