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I work for a very big well know corporation. I was recently terminated because I said my job was to far for me and I wanted to transfer to a location closer to me. I also had signed to receive a severance package from my company because the location I worked at is closing in a few days. I was fired mud December of last year. My location was orginally was scheduled to close 6 days after I was fired. The company later changed the date and I was never notified of it. I found out about my termination when HR send me an email saying my status was terminated. I was told I can reapply but I lost my severance package benefits and have to start over with my 401k. Do I have a case? If I had transferred to another location according to the agreement I still would have received my severance deal, and 5 days before I was fired I was told I couldn’t transfer until the location completely closed and than I could move forward with my transfer. Due to the location closing my position was eliminated and my pay decreased. I went from working 40 hrs to 10 hrs a week. But due to the decrease in hrs and pay it was expensive to go to work because I took public transportation to work. So I was fired because I said I wanted more hours and closer , before it would take me 3 hrs to get to work. I traveled one part of the state to another. I didn’t complain bc I had the pay. What should I do? Most lawyers are afraid to take on a huge corporation. And HR does not call back.



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