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Can a doctor forbid the relative of a patient to see the patient

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For example if the patient told him not to let that relative let s say before getting into a coma. Is the doctor allowed to not let the relative in, or should the patient get some kind of restriction order?


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You have to sign forms these days if you want someone else to have knowledge of your health issues. If a person did not grant access to someone, the medical staff would not allow that person to see them. This should be clearly established with the persons medical professional.

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Yes the doctor can, Also the doctor can restrict access to anyone other than the next to kin or power of attorney when conditions are bad. And most doctors do not let random relatives in when a person is unconscious. This is where the next to kin falls in place or any medical power of attorney they can deny or allow anyone to se them. The next to kin and person holding medical power of attorney can also restrict certain individuals from accessing the patient.


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