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Why are people judging us

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I’ve been with my girlfriend for 2 weeks she’s 15 I’m 24. Lots of people been telling me she’s way too young for me I shouldn’t be with her. We have a good reason to be together but I can’t tell you. One of my friends was also 15 dating a 20 year old guy she had a baby with him 2 years later they’re still together. To me when you’re in love age doesn’t matter. I date girls anywhere from ages 14-30. That’s my age rage. It don’t matter to me. I don’t get why people on the internet have to be so judgmental about stuff this is why I hate Facebook. Girls date guys who are older all the time. My friends sister is married to a guy who’s 2 years younger than her. Also my friends dad is 8 years older than her mom they’ve been married 30 years. Why do people always judge us ? Is it wrong to date someone 9 or 10 years younger than you ?


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i think its fine age is just a number but just try to be careful regardless as she is still underage and hope you two are happy together

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That is despicable! And most likely, a fib.


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