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How do I get over a crush on a friend

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I m in highschool and finally realized that I have a massive crush on one of my friends after two months. Neither of us want a relationship for whatever reason. I was okay with the crush at first, then it became a descent into... This. It s hard for us to actually hold a conversation at this point since I get lost in her voice and my already shitty attention span has just been directed at her instead of actually important things like not falling down the stairs or doing my homework. The state of euphoria is wonderful and all but it s just really ruining everything. I just want to be able to be friends with her again without constantly thinking of us kissing. Help? Hey I don t feel like rewording this into my ask but I really really cannot ignore her. We sit next to each other during class and sometimes lunch and usually talk. I feel like she d notice if I was ignorning all of her comments, and I don t want to bring more stress into her life. I heard crushes will fade after around 3 - 4 months but what if it just gets worse? Or if it goes past 4 months? Please help me I ll name a fish after you.


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Have sex wid em


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