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Why aren t I making any progress in my abs look-wise

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I m 16 and I ve been trying to get a six pack for around 3 months now. I eat very healthily and my workout is really intense so I can guarantee you that isn t the issue. I know that it is in my genetics to have a 4 pack (I think) but even people with four packs still look really good. As for the rest of my body, they are the exact same thing. I feel a great difference however. Sit ups are way easier and on the damn push up test we have to do in gym I m starting to get in the fourties when I used to get around 20. I ve tried bulking which didn t work too. Here is a picture of me---- [url][/url] If you are saying that I already have the "outline" of a six pack and it will just take time, I know that. I m not expecting to have a six pack by now but I ve made no progress in looks since I ve started.


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