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Can deceased loved ones send you gifts

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I have decided to ask this question because I keep finding money in the street. My grandad died unexpectedly 10 years ago and the night before he died he told me that he would start giving me pocket money. But he passed away the following morning and ever since then I sometimes find money in the street. The latest I found was £5 in my back garden and I cannot figure out how it got there. I think it might be my grandad leaving me the money... so I was wondering if deceased loved ones can send gifts such as money?


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I believe so. I long wanted an oak tree in a certain spot in my back yard. My brother passed away and I went in the back yard so I could morn my loss and find peace. I looked down right where I had always wanted the tree one was growing.

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That is so cool. I totally believe it. Science says no but God says yes

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Everyone ocassionally finds money on the street.


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