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You are cleared to eat lol

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When my cousin ordered a cheese steak in philly... I had my paid guard go across the street with a pair of binoculars... And spy on the guy cooking it. After it was handed to me... I had livi bring it to the guard for him to inspect.. 1 minute and 30 seconds later i get a text message saying... "You are cleared to allow Laura to eat it, SAZTAACTAAZCAT" I pulled out my authenticator card and i said.... Sierra Alpha Zulu Tango Alpha Alpha Charlie Tango Alpha Alpha Zulu Charlie Alpha Tango Ginnie read the text message and she said... Message is Authentic.. I said... Laura is cleared to eat... Livi said...i concur Laura is cleared to eat it. Then i handed it to her. Lol


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You need more fiber in your diet, because you are full of shĂ­t


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