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Why do they keep ruining Facebook

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It seems like every week or every month they find a new way to ruin Facebook. I don’t like the cover photos they make it look creepy. First update on my phone for a while it wouldn’t let me scroll down on anyone’s profile. Then on my iPod the second update anyone with over 1,000 friends wouldn’t let me go through their friends list they fixed but now on the iPod the friends list or likes section won’t stay still. They keep moving up and down. Then today when I went on my girlfriends account went on my profile it wouldn’t let me look at my own music or likes. I hate the app but I hate safari too it makes the friends lists and photos albums look weird plus you can’t do timeline photos with only the safari. Why are they always finding a new way to ruin Facebook ? Why does it always keep updating ? Also you can’t do iOS photos anymore


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dont know but i have never really been a fan of facebook at all


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