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How do I report illegal immigrant stash house

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The hispanics across the street from are moving a lot people in and people out.I see one week 7-9 new faces, there are new cars and trucks here this week that were not there last week.There is currently 21 people in small 2 bedroom..I never see any of them work but they do sit outside drinking mexican beer.I know this week there is about 5 children under age 5 I see them peeking out the windows and by this time next week they will all be gone.There is constant flow of people coming and going.What is weird is they have sheets of wood covering all the windows with a small cut out the top of the wood serves as a look out on all the windows..The vast amount of people coming and going instills this is a stash house.Here is the problem the city I live in is a sanctuary city calling the police is useless the police just say they are having family reunion and say there is nothing they can can do..Will ICE come out ?


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Trying taking some pictures or videos of all the movement and people. Try to get the most evidence you can and call the police again


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