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Poll: why does my friend think she’s better than me

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We’re both 21 now (she JUST turned 21 a few months after I did) and she tried to act like she’s all that because she was drinking like crazy when she was 20 and she was trying to show off my drinking when I was FaceTiming her. She has a boyfriend and I don’t and and used to brag about him all the time and kind of rub it in my face that she’s with him and that I’m single. She doesn’t text me unless she’s bored or there’s no one else to talk to. She still brags all the time that she’s drunk and doesn’t even talk to me anymore. She’s always been like that where she hangs around people she thinks are “cool” and even invited a girl she met not too long ago with her to spring break vacation. I’ve been friends with her for 15 years and the girl she invited on spring break vacation only has been friends for a year or so. I have my drivers license, she doesn’t, I have a loan for a 2014 car, she doesn’t have a car at all. All she has to brag about is how she dies drugs, drinks and has a boyfriend. I think she just thinks I’m a “loser” and I’m not “cool” enough to hangout with her.. But why does she think she’s better than me?


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