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Do you think Muslims soon understand they were living based on Torah not Quran (I am from Iran)

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No, that is Jews.

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No, , its you who is Confused, , , or to be Honest, , CONFUSE yourself as you dont want to accept the obvious truth.. ! the truth is , , the (Correct) Torah which (NO ONE CAN FIND) from same God who gave us his last revelation the Quran, , and thats why there is (kinda) some similarities , , , but once you study both you realize immediately how Quran is not corrupted like the Torah and Gospels, , not just this , , Quran correct the Bible in many facts actually , , like the truth about God, , and how is all All-Knowing and not as what the Torah show about him at all , , , and even the location of the Noah (pbuh) ship.. and its on Judi Mountains and not Ararat.. (by the way , , what is the point about telling us that you from Iran ) ..


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