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Where to get started with exercise and eating well

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I’m a 14 year old girl and I want to start exercising and eating well so I can gain weight. I’m 5’2 pushing 5’3 at 100 pounds. My main focus is gaining around my thighs and butt because I want to look more feminine. As long as my arms don’t get scary big, I don’t mind gaining there too. It doesn’t matter if I have abs or not as long as my stomach is flattish like how it is now. I just have a few problems. First of all, I don’t know where I should start regarding exercise. At 100 pounds, I have pretty much actually no muscle. I’m extremely weak. Running a whole half mile in PE is extremely difficult in my current state. Pretty much the only exercise I get is walking .4 miles to school and back every weekday. Also, I don’t know where to start with protein. Most protein powders I see are made to lose weight, not gain it, and they’re crazy expensive. I just need recommendations for a protein powder I can make into a shake after I work out. I’m not picky, I don’t really mind the taste. I just want a high calorie protein powder that’s not too pricey. I also don’t know how much I should eat, and what I should eat. I barely eat right now because I have no appetite. A gym membership is accessible if necessary. I have acid reflux. I did leg exercises every other day during the summer for about a week and I was extremely sore up to three days afterward. I’m honestly really worried for my health and everyone I know is too.


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First of all, you can’t add weight or lose weight in any specific part of your body. So you can’t specifically add weight to our legs or butt, nor can you specifically lose weight in any one place. Weight is gained and loss all over. Secondly, don’t worry about getting “big” arms. As a girl, it’s damn near impossible. Even female body builders have to take steroids to get those kind of arms, or be genetic freaks, and I mean that literally. Third, and most important, is that you want to make sure and eat a lot of calories. If you’re willing to lift weights and excercise in a gym, then don’t be afraid to eat 3 or 4 thousand calories. You’ll burn most of them off by running on the treadmill for half an hour and doing a full body workout using weights. Remember: you want the extra weight on ypur body anyways. Excercising with heavy weights just ensures that you turn that fat into muscle.

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Get a library card and spend some months reading numerous books on how WHY when what where

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you are young yet.........your rear and boobs will grpw yet


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