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Can a spare battery take any damage if jumper cables accidentally hook up wrong

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So my little sister needed a jump and I got a non working car with a fully charge battery so I took the battery out to go help her jump her car at first she tried starting the car just to let me hear how it sounds and I heard clicks so I told her it might be her stater but she still wanted to try to jump it anyway so i accidentally hook up the cables wrong and I saw sparks and smoke as soon as I hooked it up then immediately took it off my sister got scare and didn’t want to try again so my question did my spare battery take any damage to it after hooking up the cables wrong...(side question) did my little sister car take any damage too plus how long does the cables have to touch for there to be any damage cause as soon as it sparked I took it straight off thanks


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Yes. Lots of risks to both batteries and the car bring jumped. Do not play with things you do not understand


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