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How many times does it take to make a white person racist

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Like as a country boy moved to the city, I found that no matter when I’m trying to make friends with a Latino or black persons at work, it’s only a short matter of time that they will bring up race. Like, “Well, you’re white, so you don’t know anything”... It’s just like this barrier a white guy can never get through.


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That tends to happen when you wave the confederate flag around educated people.

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"How many times does it take to make a white person racist?" another intelligent question from a Trump supporter.

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they use their race as the reason people dont like them but the reason is because they are nasty and violent

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Most libs have never had a job so they wouldn’t have ever experienced this.

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Racism is HATE period. ANY RACE can be Racist. But whats happened is Democrats use it as a TOOL , Its used so much now young people really dont know. Seriously. SAD Actually.

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The Leftist media has turned race-baiting and reverse-racism into an industry. The sad thing is that there are sheep who go for it. The pathetic thing is the Leftists are doing everything possible to cause racial discord, reverse the effects of the Civil Rights Movement, and keep minorities in poverty and government dependence.


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