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If a person is hardly on Facebook, is it understandable if he’s the only one who didn’t get a “like” from someone he wished a Happy Birthday

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I rarely use Facebook, thus my profile photo that I haven’t updated in 10 years. Matter of fact, it’s the same photo I uploaded upon joining Facebook. So my page basically looks like I’m M.I.A., but not just because of my profile picture. I also never post anything on my timeline, and the only pics of me are “tagged,” not actual photos I posted. When I wished a friend of mine from high school a Happy Birthday, I noticed that I was the only one whose post he didn’t “like.” Literally everyone else who posted Happy Birthday on his timeline got a “like” from him. Is that because he assumes I won’t even notice he “liked” my post because i’m rarely on Facebook?


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go a step farther and just get off of Facebook. I did . do not miss it .

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Or more then likely, he just missed it? Why so salty over social media?


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