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I didn’t want to go and almost got out of it, but now I’m glad I did. She was fun to look at!

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So about a month ago, my dad had a baby with a co worker of his. I’m not even sure if they’re even still dating or not. They had the baptism last night and my dad wanted me to go. I told I didn’t want to and it’s not for me (I’m 15). I hadn’t met the woman either. On Thursday morning, my dad had to go to the ER for a kidney stone so it was looking like I’ve wouldn’t be able to go on Friday night unless he was feeling better. Friday at 3pm, he was still down. About 4pm, just as I thought he wouldn’t be going, he told my mom he’d be there at 530 to pick me up. My mom said that he had passed the stone so he was feeling better. Ugh I said! So when we got there, I finally got to meet her. Rita was her name and she was very nice to look at! She was dressed up with tighter fitting black slacks. Longer and straight brunette hair, no makeup and didn’t need it. Very nice! Turns out she’s only 28 too. Very attractive and very personable. It sounds like her and my dad dated for a bit, broke up and then got together for a brief fling which resulted in Rita popping out a baby 9 months later. I noticed later that night that people in FB were asking her when her and my dad would be having baby #2. Is there even a chance of that st this point and with the big age gap?


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They could get back together, who knows, this type of things can go a number of different ways.


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