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Adopted a pet was very specific with the shelter on what we need and now I think they lied

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My landlord told me I could get a dog if only he/she was house trained,didn t shed or bark often. My husband did alot of research to find a breed that would work for us but we also wanted a rescue dog. We found a dog that was listed as basenji and whippet mix. We went and visited her and she is the sweetest thing ever. I asked the owners many questions and explained our concerns. He said she won t shed, doesn t smell and doesn t bark. He seemed to really know what he was talking about. I ve had her one day and I love her but she sheds, smells (I ve given her a bath) and barks. Also my husband has a bad headache since getting her. They ve had her since she was a puppy and I asked about the shedding twice when we where with the shelter she is supposed to be hyper allergic. I don t know what to do I m in love but worried about our land lord and we can t move right now.


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Sue them

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