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In retrospect, do you think Elliot Rodger was an idiot

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If you don’t know the back story, basically this guy shot & killed a bunch of people because he couldn’t get any p*ssy. Basically. I get the fact that the majority of women can be really bad especially in today’s society that’s true and it’s also true a lot of perfectly fine guys are constantly being passed up for the ones who are bad or lower quality but I think the way he went about the whole thing was cowardly & hes also an idiot & clearly his father never had a talk with him about how you’re not meant to be with every woman. Another thing is this guy had money & he was also way over privileged. He wore $500 sunglasses & drive around in a BMW & he still had problems getting women. Nothing was wrong with his looks either except he was short. Most young men in poor countries would be glad to never talk to a woman again if they were granted the stuff he was (education, nice clothes & car, raised in a nice community.)


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...In retrospect??? It took you 4 years to come to this conclusion?


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