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Dog bit owner and police want to euthanize it Complicated situation

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I am a dog trainer and one of my pet parents (and friend) is going through a really tough time. She adopted a husky and he has only been to one class of mine so far. He is a sweet dog but his previous home was abusive. He ate a bed sheet the other night and he is trying to pass it which is causing him a lot of pain. The owner accidentally stepped on his foot and he lashed out and bit her. We speculate he did this because of the pain he was already in. She went to the hospital to get it checked out because it kept bleeding. They reported it to the police (as per protocol) and the police showed up at her house. They called the humane society she got him from to verify rabies records and were notified that the dog has 6 previous bites on his record. The humane society never told her about this. Like I said, he was abused in his previous home so I suspect these bites were from him defending himself. They tried to take the dog but she refused and they told her she has 14 days to comply. Does anyone have any advice on how she could save this Dog? He is truly a sweetheart and does not deserve to be put down, especially when he finally found a loving home.


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