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Determined to Lose weight, Should I take whey/ Diet/Work Out, Any Tips

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Height: 168 cm, 5.52 ft Weight: 66/67 Kgs, 147 pounds Wanted weight;
59 kgs, 130 pounds I am going to gym, have been going for a month now and I m a hard worker, I do the right workout for both weight loss and body toning. I have currently been on a high protein low carb diet, cutting out rice, pasta, sugar, chips, soda etc... 5 days now. This step was very great for me because carbs are my weakness and being able to cut them means I have the determination to reach my ideal weight. I am giving the process time but I would love to see more results by the next month considering all my hard work, I would appreciate any tips to lose all this fat which I do have around my tummy and thighs. Also,Do you recommend me to consume whey protein? Thank you



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