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What was the attitude of the wealthy Noble-wealthy aristocrats had toward serfs/peasants

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Industrial Revolution


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Ironically, very much the same as contemporary "progressives" view poor immigrants and the working class: as lesser people who need the help of their "betters".... with much of that "help" geared at making their "lesser" lives as comfortable as possible so they remain a dependable, if not happy, servant class generation after generation... ...Think about it... time was when it was illegal to teach slaves how to read and write... today, enforcing the same literacy standards on immigrants is denounced as "racist" and lower standards are thus enforced according to "progressive" doctrine... The net result is the same: lower educational standards create a permanent lower class that will never threaten the jobs, private clubs and elite universities of the "noble" class....

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In Britain it varied from enlightened paternalism which resulted in the creation of social housing and schools etc. to exploitation and a complete disregard for the effects which rapid industrialisation and urban growth had on the working classes.

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The same as it is today


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