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Did "Arabs" travel to Central Asian countries before "Turkish" tribes there invaded the Middle East

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tried to read a book on Arab history that purchased on Amazon.. titled "The Arabs: A History" and it just seemed to ramble on about "political fluff history" as I call it,,,but did mention something about how Arabs went to places like Turkministan and Uzbekistan, etc during 900s? did the Arabs have anything to do with the Turkish tribes there that would soon invade their area of world? why , how they resisted this "Asiatic horde" and even converted them to Islam too? are they related people maybe? BTW, WHEN DID "THE TURKISH" TRIBES COME TO AREA OF ANATOLIA? FROM WHERE AND HOW ARABS WERE ABLE TO NOT ONLY CONTAIN THEM FROM TAKING OVER THEIR REGION, BUT EVEN CONVERT THEM TO ISLAM? (SIMILAR TO HOW ROMANS DID SOMEWHAT SIMILAR WITH GERMANIC BARBARIANS?) were the Arabs kind of like "the shepherds" maybe of these nomadic war tribes? did they convert them somehow to Islam and that allowed the to shift them around as you mentioned?


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People of all sorts traded across Asia at various times in history. Note also that the "countries" in Asia were ill-defined or non-existent (in terms of borders as now seen on maps) in times past, as indeed were many "countries" in most parts of the world. Just remember that 19 "new" countries were defined in Europe or just beyond its eastern borders less than 30 years ago. The present countries in Asia are results of wars in the 20th century (and in some areas changed more than once in that century). Worry less about who was where at any point in history, think more about what some people did in some parts when they disturbed the status quo.

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A deep and thorough study of all of the history of Turkmenistan and surrounding areas should be enough to help understand how complicated things are there now. So old a place goes way back into the Neolithic age before any history survived but was all about shifting nomads wandering warlike everywhere they went. Then add that to the history of China and we come to an deeper understanding of how things are in those areas now.


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