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My son wants to get a six pack !

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My son is 16years old,he recently told me that he would like to go to the gym to try and get abs or even a six pack... Of course,I was furious and said NO. I Know that he only wants to get abs to impress girls not for health reasons. Yet he still keeps nagging me to let him to to the gym. How do I tell him that hes not allowed to go to the gym once and for all? I dont want my son to be posting shirtless selfies on the internet and letting girls see his abs to impress them. And believe me,i know mt son,he is fairly skinny and healthy so he definetily wants the six pack for girls...


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Phuuuck off troll

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Tell him you want him to be a fat f uck and suck d ick instead of p ussy.

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Yeah, you should totally discourage him wanting to be physically fit.


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