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I have anxiety ( doctor said ) but not sure this is anxiety or OCD. 1. Everytime i walk past medication cabinets or think of medication my family has or i have for anxiety like ativan i never use or my moms diazapam for her vertigo ) i automatically assume i took it and keep saying omg what if i took it i keep picturing myself taking it and having side effects/reactions.. I keep thinking and thinking and thinking until i have a panic attack thinking im having a reaction. ( I got roofied in HS at a frat party i went too and was raped and this has sparked horrible fears of accidentally taking medication thats not mine and taking it like this was done to me or i forgot i took it kinda thing. & suffering from some sort of medication reaction. ) 2. Fears of Allergic Reactions to medications...always thinking im breaking out in hives and throat is closing up and looking for hives/rashes etc. Throat feels tight feels like its closing EVERY time i take a new medication immediately become panicky. ( Had a reaction to a medication in the past and broke out in hives throat felt tight etc. I DONT feel normal and everyday feels as if my throat is closing and cant breath. I tried lexapro- DIDN"T WORK.. FELT WORSE. I am not on anything now. I feel everyday something bad is gonna happen and start to get worried and keep thinking of stuff then start to cry.


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Idk I am not a doctor

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Little of both together it sounds. Oughra talk to doctor so they can help you to get rid of this problem

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Definitely something to talk to a doctor about.


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