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Can you go to prison for killing someone in a car accident

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Its scary to me to know that if a responsible person makes a genuine mistake while driving and ends up killing somebody that their whole life can be ****** up. Say for example someone who has never gotten in a wreck before fails to notice a stop sign and ends up running it and killing somebody. Is it just that they go to prison over that? What if there are 10 people who run a stop sign? And only 1 of those people kills somebody. Should that one person be in more trouble than the other 9 people even though they all commmitted the same crime and 9 of them were just luckier than the 10th guy? Its just scary to me to know that no matter how responsible I am all it takes is one mistake and I can end up with serious charges pressed against me. It doesnt matter how good of a driver you are. All it takes is one mistake and you can kill somebody.



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