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How long until I develop a Klonopin addiction

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So I have been prescribed Klonopin for a while now and just have started using it again the past few months. I would say that I use a quarter to a half a milligram 3-4 times a week. Some weeks I use more, some weeks I use less. I was just wondering how long will it take until I develop a physical addiction to the Klonopin and what the withdrawals might be like if I stopped using it. Any information will be greatly appreciated.


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I’m not a doctor and I don’t know why you were prescribed this so I may be totally wrong but don’t take it regularly. That is how your body will develope a dependency. I ONLY take them when I’m having severe anxiety. You are taking a low dose so it should be a while until (IF) you get addicted. I’ve been taking a higher dose for years. I’m young and never developed any type of addiction. Try to cope with your anxiety as much as possibly and only take it if you absolutely can’t deal with it. But all bodies are different there can be no timeline given for how long it takes to get addicted to something. Environment, past traumas, brain wiring, age, other drugs. Everything effects developing an addiction meaning everyone is different. Good luck.

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Not long


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