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What is wrong with me

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I’m not sure where to start, this is probably my most revealing post over. Basically I’m asking if I’m insane, or have some disorder, but asking if I have it just proves it it’s just starting these past few weeks, or maybe months or maybe my whole life I’m not sure but I first started noticing it a few weeks ago but before that for a month or 2 a friend that I was hanging out with we would always get in pointless arguments and I always thought it was my fault, him too, and I would always be suspicious of him, I’m not anymore but shits wrong with me and I just wanna live a normal life, . it scared me so much to think about this ****, and what I’m about to say doesn’t even make sense. These past few days I’ve lost all motivation. I used to be happy all the time always in a good mood nowadays the only thing on my mind is what am about to do and weather people will judge me for it, or hate me for it, or if what I’m about to do is even worth it and it just makes me sit in class and do nothin, but these past 2-3 days I’ve felt really happy in class and really shitty around my friends I have more to say I’ll leave it in the comments


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