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Should I move in with my dad since my ocd is less worse

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I get mentally drained and feel constantly tired of doing anything because my ocd is so bad where u live because it’s a messier town so I constantly have to look at the floor and there several stuff I do that is less triggering over there. When I’m over there my ocd is like a 3/10 where I live right now it’s 9/10. I would also like to move because my stepbrother is across the steeet, I can complete my ged, my gym and job would be so much closer and I can finally learn how to drive with my dad because I’m almost 21 and I don’t know how. My mom can’t since she’s scared to drive since she’s been in a car accident. Only thing is my medi cal insurance wouldn’t change for another month so my therapy would be delayed and I wouldn’t meds for a week or even a month. I’m diagnosed with generalized anxiety and ocd. I feel much better over there. I don’t wanna move because I have a good therapist and it would suck to lose a good therapist, I’m prsure hanky sufferijg from transference I’m not sure. Anyways what should I do?


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