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First I want to say I very much dislike dogs that said I dont condone animal abuse or nothing like that. Im here to really understand from dog lovers why you love your dog . First of people who say they have kids at home and it turns out they have dogs not kids. So,me people even say they dont want kids just dogs. That I dont get , Ill put it like this when you bought your dog you replaced its alpha the dog will be attached to you because you are its food source. Lets say you leave for a few days then you come back and the dog looks all happy like it loves you right ? and that is not the case the dog is just happy you did not abandon it because it cant fend for itself. Yeah you feel your dog loves you forever but the fact is lets say you lost your og and i found it and I fed it and gave it shelter guess whats is going to happen your dog that was so loyal and you loved as a child now loves me and forgets about you. Now If I take your kid and i feed it and care for the child, that child will still want you not me and why because a child really has love for you, Think about it if you lose your dog and someone takes it in that dog is perfectly happy without you. That why I dont understand why dog lovers give their soul to an animal that would replace you. Please help me understand Im not trying to push my thoughts on to you, If you love your dog as a child thats fine its your life im not gonna hate. I just really want to understand.If you have kids do you love a dog as much


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Most of us have dogs because we love DOGS not because we think of them as substitute children at all. It is a totally different relationship. You are right that their loyalty will often just transfer to another and I know that as I take dogs out of their homes and bring them to mine for foster when they have to go into rescue so I know how they are. It is not all and some have a really hard time but those dogs are often those whose owners have allowed them to be too clingy and not independent enough. So totally totally different and I just adore dogs and all animals and enjoy having the unconditional relationship that they bring.


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