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Do I have ocd

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1: I literally Cannot go to sleep without checking if the door is locked at least 2 times, I’ll check if the stove is off, and then about 5 minutes later, I’ll go back and check it again because I feel like someone or something might have turned it off to try and kill us (I know I know it sounds crazy) 2. Sometimes when I pray, I can’t help but horrible thoughts run through my mind, like I did in a’s like I can’t control then and I’m asking for them?? 3. I use excessive amount of soap (almost go though half a bottle a day. And I wash my hands 3x each time I go to wash them. So about total of 15x a day 4. At night, I can’t go to sleep unless I have gone on my phone for at least 3 hours and it ends up being 1:00am , like I’ve tried to leave my phone and go to sleep at about 10:00 but I feel like crying


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Are you living in a constantly stressful environment? When I get super nervous, I do a lot of crazy things. It could just be temporary. When your life settles down, things will fall into place for you.


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