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Why do i keep getting arrested at kmart And is it worth it to go 30 mins there and back to the next closest store

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I have had 2 incidents both just escalated quickly and im scared because i got caught vandalism store property and assualt by ripping phones out of someones hands and throwing on the ground and disordarly conduct. I also on accident nearly hit a manager with my car on accident too who followed me out of store. I think im done going to kmart thanks to everyone who helped me sort out my 2 kmart incidents. But my question here is: so if i was banned from kmart i went there because it is walking distance from home but should i keep going there even though im banned or is it worth it to drive a whole 30 minuites to the next closest store and 30 mins back?


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Kmart sells online you know. Just stay home and do your shopping that way.


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