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If im banned from kmart can i call in a fake bomb threat to get unbanned

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Law and ethics: (Not trolling its more of a metaphor i just need advice) Kmart is right down the road but im banned on 2 instances, i dont want to drive a whole 30 mins there and back to the next closest store. Im willing to do anything to go shopping where i want to again even to the point of a fake bomb threat. How do i pull this off so i can just go get some groceries to feed my son?


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No your butt will get arrested for a TERRORISTIC THREAT! btw your worthless butt HAS BEEN REPORTED for threats and voilence which is A TOS VIOLATION!!!!

0 votes Stop spamming lies. Or at least make them entertaining lies.

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Sure, go ahead. Make sure to give them your name and address to make sure they take the right person off the banned list.


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