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My dog is aggressive PLEASE HELP!!

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My family dog is a corgi and hes almost a year old. Recently he’s been slightly aggressive in a sense that if you take food away he’ll snap at you. I read that you should tap your dogs nose when they’re bad, as opposed to hitting, and when doing that he snaps even more. He’s not the slightest bit aggressive towards our two cats and chihuahua though. Today he somehow got ahold of a pen and when my mom when to take it away he bit her hand and made her bleed. I went to go pick him up to put him in the bathroom as a punishment and he FLIPPED out and latched onto my hand so hard that it immediately bruised. he has never ever done this before. after putting him in the bathroom for 10 minutes i went to go check on him. as i went to pet him he bit me again. like i said he’s never done anything like this and i’m shocked. he isnt fixed so i was wondering if it could be a hormonal thing? ( we plan on getting him fixed ASAP, we live in a small town so the nearest vet is very far) I really just need to know if this is something i should be very worried about or something that’ll go away after getting him neutered. Before leaving any rude comments please be aware that this is the family dog and i’m a minor so i can’t take him to get neutered myself. I just dont know what to do =(


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Intact dogs are far more likely to bite (75%) than neutered dogs, so it is a card you should play (ASAP). Yes increasing levels of testosterone will make make dogs more likely to bite. But, this also looks likes a case of RESOURCE GUARDING - which started over food, but may progress to additional things, whether the dog is neutered or not and may NOT be FIXED simply BY neutered at this LATE DATE. (I also have to assume this dog has never attended any formal obedience classes with any of you.) In that the dog HAS started BITING people and lacks BITE INHIBITION you need to get a professional trainer OR Animal Behaviorist (ask your vet to recommend somebody) to come over, ASAP and help the entire family. The bites can get more serious and if the dog BITES ANYBODY else you could be SUED & the dog may have to be PUT DOWN - due to a lack of training & you not nipping problems in the BUD. (*Pun* NOT intended).

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A corgi is a herder herders dont make good pets unless they are found an occupation... as for the biting wear a protective glove and remove the and replace the food often til it learns that its no threat and will be replaced when you decide it will


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