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People often pet my dog without permission A do not pet sign didn’t help

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My puppy is 7 months old and 5lbs. She’s a Maltese mix and sweet as can be. Despite this I don’t want people petting her without asking. She’s never bit anyone but I’d rather not take the risk of something happening with says someone’s child When I’m in the street I’ve literally had people behind me just start petting her without saying a word to me. Kids have run up to her screaming and grabbing her with the parents saying nothing Because she’s a little fluffy dog people think it’s ok to do whatever they want. I put a sign on her harness that said “do not pet” and it did nothing to deter people from wanting to pet the fluffy puppy. How can I get people to stop petting my dog without permission? I live in a city and walk her in a city that is why so many people pet her.


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Get her a service dog vest.

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Shave her completely bald


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