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Do antidepressants really work

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Hello everyone im 16 y/o and extremely depressed. I have no friends at all and 0 motivation at school. i always compare me to popular people and i hate that but i also always think, why be popular, happy, healthy if at the end we are all equal and die. im so miserable and pathetic all i do is complain and ruin my familes days with my stupid problems. i eat so little per day i already got used to not eating since like 1 year im really weak and weird i hate myself so much. i also feel super anxious and sometimes i feel im not there like im not syncronized in the world idk is very weird.. my family took me once to a counselor which never helped bc talking doesnt help fr they dont want me to put me on pills bc they say ill get addicted and idgaf all i want to be is happy and a simple individual. so my main questions is;
do antidepressents really work for you guys? do you recommend it? thank you .


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