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I’m a 15 year old girl who wants to loose a little bit of belly fat! Please help!

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Hello, I’m a 15 year old girl who wants to loose some fat. I have been a really small girl for all my life, I’m 4,11 and 90 pounds. And it’s not unhealthy, the doctors say my height matches with my weight perfectly. The shortness is just on both sides of my family. But I have always had a really unhealthy life style. I’m very aware of it and have no excuses as to why I continue. I eat really poorly and unhealthily and never really excersise. But I have been really thin and skinny my whole life. But just here recently I have noticed some fat appear on my stomach. I’m assuming it’s just from my unhealthy life style, but I am a little confused as to why it’s just now appearing.? But it’s been making me feel externally self conscious and I think it may be getting worse. This had motivated me to try to eat healthier and exercise more. Especially because every time I eat junk food I just feel really bad. (Don’t know how else to explain it) anyways, my question is, or questions, rather. Why is my fat appearing just now? Where is a good staring point to eat healthier? And what are some simple excerises I may be able to do to help? Also for exercising, I have to be able to do them with not many materials and just in my room or something. Because I know it may not sound true but I really and truly don’t have enough time to go out and excersise. Especially because it has to also match up with my parents schedules due to the fact I can’t drive yet. So does anyone have any advice?


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A bit of fat is good , if you get sick you need some meat on ya bones to survive , girls that are to skinny look very ugly and sick , maybe tone it up with sit ups if it bothers you


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