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I need a lot of answers for my bulimia, anorexia & self harm.

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I started binging less than a year ago & even though I’m an inactive person I ate whatever & was fine but then I started gaining fat. Long story short I started dieting when that didn’t work I starved myself. I did it a few times & starved myself for 2-3 days. Then I started to purge whenever I felt like I ate a lot. I’m 5’0 104lbs last time I checked but I get criticized for my weight by my family & some friends. Stress & my weight problems led me to cut. If you’re going to tell me Im average weight, shouldn’t worry about it, be healthy etc etc, don’t. It won’t help me in any way. What I want to know is, what is the lowest BMR level because I’m worried the harm I did to my body made my metabolism slow & even a 1,200 calories diet wouldn’t work for me. My go to diet is not eating breakfast or lunch & only having dinner with minimal snacks. I don’t stick to this for long though I always break it and my vicious cycle would start again. I’m not very active mostly & if I actually stuck to this diet would I be able to lose weight? My dinner isn’t exactly unhealthy, I’m vegetarian & it’s just one meal. On weekends though I sleep in & have to eat 2 meals. I just want confirmation that I can lose weight on my dieting ways so I could have motivation to stick to it & exercise whenever I can. This was a mess of structure but I hope you get what I’m trying to say & have answers for me. I wrote a longer question but it wouldn’t fit so this is a shorter less informed one.


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The issue with not eating / eating / purging can cause you to gain weight once you stop or cause health conditions such as diabetes because you’re constantly messing with your sugar... loosing weight is best when it’s done slowly and in a healthy way. I would recommend trying “ Whole 30 “ aka paleo .... this diet reduces bloat and you feel amazing within the first week ! It cuts out carbs , cheese , sugar basically anything you can hunt or grow you can eat on this diet ... but it cuts weight in a healthy way and also helps you mentally! Just make sure you research and meal prep before you do paleo - since you’re a vegitartian you can still do paleo but it will just take some work!


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