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How to shrink butt for men

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Well, I am a very skinny man with about the same diameter across my forearm and biceps... with one exception: my butt is giant. And no, it’s not fat, it’s muscle. My thighs and butt are way out of proportion and I was wanting to shrink them, but all the suggestions online regard a fat butt (because we live in the US (haha)). And I’m not looking for advice on how to embrace it;
I simply seek advice on shrinking my muscular butt :). Thanks


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You can’t. That which is fat can be removed. That which is muscle can not. You could not move for several months and your body might atrophy, but it sounds to me like you are a skinny wimp and need to bulk up the rest of your body. Eat protein and work out.

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Why would you ever want to do that?! Men with muscular butts are so attractive !


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