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Do you think we humans are wasting our time taking photos of ourselves and throughout our life

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I mean if you think about it, all of the photos you take will either be destroyed or thrown away once you die. And I highly doubt that future generations will care what we did throughout our life. So I’m not sure if I should continue taking photos, sometimes I feel like it’s better to just live the moment and focus on the present. So what do you think? Are we wasting our time talking photos?


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It is certainly not a waste of time. Just think how better and, more interesting it would be if we ourselves right now had history dating back hundreds of years, ALL ON CAMERA, ALL IN PHOTOS?. Why in 300 years the generations to come will be able flick a switch, wave a finger, twitch an eyebrow and instantly see how people lived through the centuries right up to their own. Fantastic.

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Nope. My family still has pics of our grand and great grandparents.


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