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What legal action can be taken

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I have found out that starting in 2012 someone who I met on POF and had many corresponance with is not who they said. She contacted me on POF and we exchanged many messages and emails for years. We lost touch for a few years and she recently contacted me again. I found out that she was a friend of my ex-wife’s sister whom I had been in a custody and divorce case with. I received sole custody of our twins in the end. The mother hasn’t seen the kids in 4 years and right after the girl contacted me again and I told her what had been going on since we last talked, all true statements and nothing that hadn’t been addressed in court, I get a call from my ex-wife saying that she’s going to file defamation of character on me for what I had told this girl. The girl used some random pics off the internet, information and nothing about her profile was real. We never met in person nor did we exchange any money through any means. What can I do, if anything, to press charges on this girl? I loved her at one point and considered on asking her to marry me. I know how stupid and pathetic that sound now that I’m older. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.



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