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How much should I charge an illegal immigrant to park his car in my driveway

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Does 38 dollars a week sound resound reasonable..Bare in mind if they park like in my drive 7 days a week..They are the ones those who said not $ 30.00 They found me offer to pay 23 per week,..Can i Up bump 40 week/thqnkw


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Charge him as much as you can get out of him. Then call ICE to come pick him up.

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Re-negotiating is always a painful process. You need to be firm yet polite in the initial stage. At the end of the day its your drive-way, you can damn well charge as much as you want. I honestly think $35 dollars a week (assuming this is AUD) is reasonable unless its creating undue hardship.

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You can charge whatever is competitive in your area, since it is your driveway. I hope you are following all business laws in your jurisdiction.


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