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Who is true -- allah of quran or the God of the Bible and Jesus

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“Return to Islam or die,” Abdu’s father threatened. At just 15 years old, Abdu* (not his real name) has already faced so much pain in life. Running for his life because of his faith. Enduring the dangers of living on the streets. Until a Christian family took him in and he came to know Jesus!


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God of the bible, , of course.. Allah is made up and this name was used in ancient times as the Moon god, before Islam used it.

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Who is real - tooth fairy or santa claus

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My brother once told me a funny traffic story . After jockeying and general hostility they both stop at a traffic light and the guy was going all yelling and FU . My brother said " Calm down Abdul " . The guy stopped and said " How you know my name ?"

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There are no deities.


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