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Does he still like me

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In 7th grade this boy that I didn’t know very well asked me to dance at a school dance. I accepted because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. It turns out one of my friends liked him but I didn’t know. I get really bad and avoided him the rest of the night. After he DMed me on Instagram just to talk. That died down after a little bit and we never really talked. He went to Australia for a few months or maybe more and we just acted like friends when he came back. Im now a sophomore (10th grade) and he’s in my Spanish class. He’s kinda cute and if he asked me out I would say yes. We don’t really talk during class. He talks to my friend in my class but doesn’t really make eye contact with me. My friend thinks we would be a cute couple and told me I should date him when I asked who I would look cute with. I brought up the fact that he probably doesn’t like me anymore since that was 3 years ago. But she says she thinks he still does. Does he still like me after 3 years?


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He still likes you


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